Guide for Individual SOC Alumni to Get Involved with SOC

1. Participate with the SOC Alumni Society
  1.1. Join and regularly contribute to the SOC Facebook and LinkedIn groups
1.2. Stay up to date on SOC Web
1.3. Attend alumni functions, games, etc.
1.4. Propose and/or Organize alumni functions
1.4.1. One time events such as socials or day trips
1.4.2. Recurring events such as breakfast, lunch, or cocktail groups
1.4.3. Seasonal events such as intramural sports teams
1.4.4. Organize class reunions (possibly joint with 2 or 3 class years)
1.5. Promote SOC to your employer
1.6. Promote SOC to local school students, faculty, and administrators
2. Participate with our Advisory Board
  2.1. Join the SOC Advisory Board
2.2. Sponsor senior projects through your company
2.3. Propose senior project topics and and oversee the corresponding project team
2.4. Propose SOC curricula additions/changes
2.5. Coordinate student field trips to your technology company
2.6. Connect SOC with prospective donors
2.7. Contribute to the SOC Advisory Board Endowed Scholarship Fund
3. Mentor students
  3.1. Attend the ACM Banquet
3.2. Senior project mentorship
3.3. Personal mentorship
3.4. Donate to SOC scholarship funds
3.5. Hire SOC interns
3.6. Hire SOC graduates
4. Teach an SOC class/course
  4.1. Guest lecture
4.2. Become an adjunct
5. Collaborate with SOC faculty on research projects
  5.1. Write joint papers on professional topics
5.2. Form a joint industry-SOC professional Special Interest Group (SIG)
5.3. Organize a weekly professional lecture series
5.4. Write joint grant proposals
6. Work with CFITS -
  6.1. Volunteer to teach K-12 partner school program
6.2. Develop learning modules for workshops and camps
6.3. Chaperone field trips
6.4. Provide tech support for BEST Robotics workshops
For questions or to get involved send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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