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All students are required to demonstrate computer proficiency as a requirement for graduation. Students have the opportunity to meet this requirement through passing a basic computing skills test, the Computer Proficiency Exam (CPE). This exam covers basic computing skills as taught in CIS 150, including the Windows operating system, Word, Excel and the Internet. Students who do not receive a passing score on the CPE exam may take the test a second time in a future semester. Students not passing the exam in two attempts, or those choosing not to take the CPE, will be required to demonstrate computer proficiency using one of the following options prior to graduation:
Complete CIS 150, Introduction to Computer Applications, or another CIS course as specified by their major, with a passing grade.
Students who are pursuing a major leading to teacher certification must complete EDM 310, Microcomputing Systems in Education, with a passing grade. This course is required for all teacher certification programs.
The CPE exam is offered several times each semester. Students will register for the CPE exam by enrolling in an open section of CIS 010 - Computer Proficiency Exam. CIS 010 is a zero credit course with no fee associated with either registering for or taking the CPE. Students who twice fail to show up for the CIS 010 they registered for will automatically be assigned a grade of U. Grade of U’ does not negatively impact the students GPA however, this grade is not removed from students transcript when they pass the CPE.
NOTE: Students are advised to complete the computer proficiency requirement in their freshman or sophomore year as computer skills are required in most courses. A passing score on the CPE exam or a passing grade in CIS 150 is a prerequisite for taking CIS 250.
Questions concerning scheduling, registration, or administration of the CPE should be directed to the academic advisor, academic department, or contact School of Computing (Shelby Hall, Suite 2101, (251) 460-6390).
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